Abrams Robert

In Math Enrichment this year I want to…

1. Score 24 or more points in the 24 game 3 times. (2 to go)
2. I would like to score at least 17 points in the Math Olympiads in all.
3. I want to get at least a level 3 karma level on this website.
4. I would like to get 2,500 stickers in F.I.M
5. I hope I do not go on probation for all of math enrichment.

My favorite number is 15, and I like very bright colors. I get to wear a tutu in the school play. I don't know why i said all this but i did.
Math Enrichment is awesome and so is Mrs. Fitzegerald.

M A T H E N R I C H M E N T is awesome

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